Entry #4

Corpsegrinder clock rules your world

2008-01-07 15:01:55 by DrClockzor

And theres nothing you can do about it.


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2008-03-19 22:31:37

About your little faggat ass comment about iwillpress's new episode,i dont think the clock crew could do anything better then iwillpress and if you do happen to make somthing that is then maybe ill appologize but seeing as you havent i think you need to stfu and show some respect were respect is due,especially to animators who have been here longer and have more awards then you ever will.
Thanks a lot fag,


2008-06-26 11:11:48

Dam, ur right!


2010-01-09 21:47:39

Wow, this is the first comment anyone has left on this post in a year. I feel.....so special.


2011-06-16 06:56:38

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